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Trygames Worms 2 now available for download!
Team17 has teamed up with Trymedia Systems to make Worms 2 available as a download-able full game for US/Canada customers! Trymedia provides solutions for game and software publishers to securely sell and market their content over the Web, Peer-to-Peer Networks, CD/DVD and Email using their proprietary ActiveMARK Technology.
Through their Trygames division, download Worms 2, install it and run it. Play it throughout the 20 minute trial period and see if you like it. If you do, you can purchase the serial number using your credit card and you will be able to play the game instantly! No CD-ROM nor additional downloads are needed.
You can then enjoy Worms 2 indefinitely! At the time of writing, Worms 2 is currently Try Games' No.1 downloaded game!
links [ Trygames Worms 2 page ]
[ Try Media ]
[ Trygames ]

[ home | news | WE 20th September ]
Net connection problems with Microsoft DirectX 9.0
The recent release of Microsoft DirectX 9.0 has unfortunately incurred a networking problem with Worms 2 when updating Windows systems. If you play Worms 2 network games on a regular basis (via LAN or Internet) it is recommended to continue running DirectX 8.1 or earlier versions in the short term.
NOTE: Unfortunately the DirectX 9.0 runtime cannot be un-installed from your system once installed. This is unless you have set a System Restore point within Windows XP or Windows Me systems, otherwise you will be unable to play Worms 2 network games in this case. If a solution to the problem is determined we will try and provide details as soon as is possible.
If you wish to contact Microsoft or alternatively source FAQ's, useful articles and links for DirectX, visit Microsoft Product Support Services DirectX Support Center.
link [ DirectX Support Center ]

[ home | news | WE 20th September ]
Sold Out competition
To celebrate the success of all Worms games on the sold-out label we have 3 Medium and 2 XL T-shirts up for grabs! For full competition details click the link below.
Sold Out publish Worms 1, Worms Utd and Worms 2 in certain territories on their budget label.
link [ Sold Out Competition ]
[ Sold Out ]

[ home | news | WE 6th September ]
Poland, Czech Republic & Slovaki
We've also signed up with CD Projeckt for distribution into Poland, Czech Republic & Slovakia to handle the mid-price and budget releases of Worms 2, Worms Armageddon and Worms World Party it will also include fully localised versions into Polish and Czech.

[ home | news | WE 3rd May ]
Russia and Russian speaking territories
We've just entered into an agreement with a company called Russobit who will release Worms 2, Worms Armageddon and Worms World Party fully localised into Russian covering the following areas :: Russia and Russian speaking territories: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Estonia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan

[ home | news | WE 1st March ]
Sold Out label
Worms 2 as well as Worms 1 & Worms United are now on the shelves on the Sold Out label at 4.99 through-out all of Europe excluding German speaking countries.
Germany, Austria & Switzerland
Worms 2, Worms Armageddon & Addiction Pinball have been signed up this week with THQ Germany for release hopefully prior to Easter at various super and budget prices.
link [ THQ Entertainment GmbH ]

[ home | news | WE 22nd February ]
Sold Out label
Worms 2 has just been released in Europe under the super budget price point of 4.99. This is the 3rd time Team 17 have worked with Sold Out who achieved huge success with Team 17's Worms 1 which was awarded 1999 Budget Sales Game of The Year On PC in the UK.
link [ Sold Out ]
Worms 2D series Network/On-line updates
This week Neil and the boys have been familiarising themselves with all the various source code and started to assess what needs to be done.

[ home | news | Worms 2d Series Support Announcement ]
Worms 2d Series Support Announcement
Team17 would like to announce that it is currently underway with a major service support enhancement to the Worms 2D series (Worms 2, Armageddon and World Party).
We have a team of people who are working on this project and we will be posting weekly news updates of the work and our progress during the development process.
We would like to thank people for their continued enthusiasm for our Worms titles and their patience. We are extremely optimistic that the changes now underway will mean a vastly improved service for all Worms players wherever they may be.
Once the new versions go online, we plan to upgrade and add features, options, rankings and suchlike. These new features will be announced separately.
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