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Can you do battle with the Bazooka? Think you've mastered the art of the Mine? Reckon you can cut it with the Cluster Bomb? Well read on - the official Team17 weapon guide might just unearth a few tricks and tactics you'd not yet thought of.
Team17 QA give you the benefit of their wealth of Worm-warfare experience. So here it is, the official Worms 2 Weapon Guide brought to you by Worms veteran Kelvin Aston, lead tester on Worms 2.
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Bazooka Homing Missile Mortar Homing Pigeon Grenade Cluster Bomb Banana Bomb Homing Cluster Bomb Shotgun Handgun Uzi Minigun Firepunch Dragon Ball Kamikaze Prod Dynamite Mine Sheep Super Sheep Air Strike Homing Air Strike Napalm Strike Postal Strike Blow Torch Drill Girder Baseball Bat Ninja Rope Bungee Parachute Teleport Super Banana Holy Hand Grenade Salvation Army MB Bomb Petrol Bomb Priceless Ming Vase Sheep Strike Mike's Carpet Bomb Mad Cows Old Woman Cloned Sheep Concrete Donkey Skip Go Surrender Nuclear Bomb Patsy's Magic Bullet
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