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They're back, they're cute and deadlier than ever!
Enter the bizarre and fantastic cartoon world of Worms 2. Wreak havoc on your rivals, in a game of revenge and petty-minded cruelty. Humiliate your friends, take revenge on your family, annihilate complete strangers - Worms 2 is frenetic, frenzied fun.
Worms 2 uses over 14,000 frames of animation, recreating a cartoon style environment in which you can make more comic mayhem than 'Acme' ever thought possible. With 16-bit audio and a programmable game 'jukebox' the game truly comes alive on screen. You can even change the soundfx that your Worms emit during battle.
From a few minutes to a few years, the strategic scope of Worms 2 is just enormous.
  • Take your revenge with an astonishing array of wild and wacky weapons - blow enemy Worms into the stratosphere.
  • Bigger, zanier and with more personality than ever before!!! Stunning new animation brings the Worms to life!
  • Immerse yourself in the more weird worlds and loony landscapes!
  • Go it alone Wormbo-style, against 17 other Worms in the 18 player hot-seat game or, 6 players can compete in the same game over a local area network or the internet!
  • Customise the game to your hearts content with a vast selection of switches, options and toggles. Save out gamestyles to swap with friends. Add new Worms speech, edit weapons and even create new landscapes, with the Worms 2 editors.
Get armed for the 2nd coming!

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From a few minutes to a few years, the strategic scope of Worms 2 is just enormous. So what's new in Worms 2? If you're a new player, you'll delight in the mixture of delicate strategy and absolute mayhem, the mixture of cool and outrageous weaponry, the incredible repeat-play potential and the amount of attention to detail lavished on the visuals.
Worms 2 is equally playable solo or in a group. It's essentially a network game where all teams can play on a single machine, or if you have the luxury of a Local Area Network or access to the Internet battle opposing Worm troops across the globe.
Worms 2 also features a solo mission based game where you are up against crack CPU teams in increasingly challenging levels. If you're an old-hand to Worms and a big fan of the original we've got a serious amount of improvements & goodies for you, which will stretch your Worms skills to the limits, the ultimate challenge being Worms battles across the Internet!
Take a big breath, read quickly, absorb all to memory and let global warfare begin!
  • Total code re-write exclusively for the PC
  • High-resolution graphics
  • 10,000 frames of cartoon quality animation
  • All-new video sequences
  • All-new 16bit audio
  • Internet play
  • 6-player play
New Options
  • Extended options
  • Weapon options
  • Speech-bank editor
  • Option-sets
  • Editable weapons & weapon sets
New Game Features
  • New & extended single player missions
  • All new gaming levels
  • Improved control interface
New Playing Features
  • Stacks of fantastic (and some very silly) new weapons
  • Drowning
  • Cavern levels
  • Improved action replays (including manual control)
  • Special effects (smoke & fire)
New weapon modes & options
  • Vastly improved rope utilities
  • Living crosses
  • Intelligent crates
  • Pigeons
  • Cows
  • Old women
  • Surfing worms
  • and much, much more...
You'll have to keep playing to see all this and bucket loads more besides!

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